Sebastian Berweck


Musikhuset København

15/6 2022, 22:00

Vesterbrogade 59, 1620 København


Tribute to a special sound.

The sound of the Minimoog synthesizer is without a doubt one of the most iconic and instantly recognizable sounds in music history: the warm, full-bodied tone; the soft, almost dusty texture; a sound that is at once both nostalgic and futuristic.

Still, the Minimoog has never really achieved a central place in classical music. The pianist – or rather: synthesist – Sebastian Berweck is trying to make up for this through his Minimoog Project, which began in 2020 as a celebration of the 50th birthday of the Minimoog. Minimoog Project is a concert series in which Berweck performs a series of works, each exploring the infinite possibilities of the Minimoog as well as its position in the landscape of contemporary classical music.

These works are often written with the MiniMoog project in mind: For instance, the Danish composer Kirstine Lindemann has written the piece Duo specifically for Berweck's concert at KLANG-Festival. TRIO is a paradoxical title for a piece written for two performers and one instrument, but none the less it's a title that speaks to the continuity of Lindemann's work, where the connection between people has been a recurring theme.

In addition to several premieres, the concert also features the piece The Unquestioned Answer (1974) by the pioneering electronic composer Laurie Spiegel. In this way, both past and future are united in this celebration of the legendary Minimoog.

Admission: 120 kr / Student 60 kr

Whole evening ticket incl. this concert + Modern Monday / Ensemble K!ART (8:00 PM): 150kr / Student 75kr

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Dorit Chrysler: Fracture 22, for Theremin and Minimoog (2022, World premiere)
Kirstine Lindemann: Duo, for Voices and Minimoog (2022, World premiere)
Laurie Spiegel: The Unquestioned Answer, Version for Minimoog by Sebastian Berweck (1974) (Danish premiere)
Misha Cvijović: Iktsuarpok for Minimoog and Tape (2021, Danish premiere)
Juan David Perez: Abstraco Model - Ducil Artefacto, for Minimoog (2020, World premiere)

The concert is presented in collaboration with the Heroines of Sound Festival Berlin supported by the Capital Culture Fund, Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung and Goethe-Institut.

The piece by Kirstine Lindemann is supported by Dansk Komponistforening & KODA Kultur.

The piece by Dorit Chrysler is commissioned by Heroines of Sound Festival with the friendly support of Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung.